Restart Kansas Tax Credit

Restart Kansas Tax Credit Program

Due to the extreme, emergency need for businesses, NetWork Kansas is launching a new program called Restart Kansas.

How it works:  Financial institutions, corporations and individual donors can donate up to $133,333 (cash) and receive a 75% state income tax credit of $100,000. 60% of the tax credit received will be allocated to Phillips County for a new loan fund.

For example:
 $133,333 donation = $100,000 tax credit ($133,333 x 75%). 60% of the donation will go to your county for a loan fund ($133,333 x 60% = $80,000). The donor will receive an instant and direct benefit of the tax credit and an indirect benefit of the local loan fund. Essentially their $133,333 donation will have a $180,000 impact.

How will the generated loan fund work?
Businesses will be able to apply for up to $20,000 in loan funds. The loans will not require matching funds. Notes will carry 2% interest, a term of up to 48 months with a 4 month deferment, and a quick turnaround.   Phillips County Economic Development/E-Community will administer all Phillips County loans. 

For more information, view this PDF: Restart Kansas Tax Credit Flyer
For any additional information or questions about the Tax Credit, Call Kristi Pedersen at NetWork Kansas on (316) 425-8808 or email 

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