Building Regulations & Permitting

Building Regulations and Permitting

Although there are no defined regulations or permits required for construction or improvements  within rural areas of Phillips County, individual municipalities are subject to their own regulations and requirements. It is advised that you contact the appropriate city office, should you wish to carry out any construction or improvements to your property. Below are a handful of useful documents and contacts for your reference. 

City of Phillipsburg

For all information/inquiries, contact:
Tim Driggs - Public Works Supervisor, City of Phillipsburg
(785) 543-5234

Building Permit: City of Phillipsburg (reference only) PDF

Special Use Permit: City of Phillipsburg (reference only) PDF

Variance Application: City of Phillipsburg (reference only) PDF

Change of Zoning Application: City of Phillipsburg (reference only) PDF

Contractor License Application: City of Phillipsburg (reference only) PDF

City of Logan

For all information/inquiries, contact:
Kristy West - City Clerk, City of Logan
(785) 689-4865

Building Permit: City of Logan (reference only) PDF


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Executive Director
Caleb Breon
Phone Numbers
(785) 543-5809
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