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Attention Kansas Voters!

Attention Kansas Voters:

A Presidential preference primary election will be conducted in Kansas this year. The date of the election, along with the names of the candidate for the office of president will be available on the Secretary of State's Website at or visit your local county election office for more information.

CORRECTION - Presidential Preference Primary Election

What is the Presidential Preference Primary? 

The PPP takes an act by the Kansas legislature to be conducted. The enactment takes responsibility from the two state parties (republican, democrat) in Kansas from conducting a caucus and instead having the state of Kansas conduct a primary election. It is considered to be a “preference” primary because it is an election where the vote totals are given to a political party to allocate delegates to candidates at the national convention. This is not a primary where the voters select the party candidates.


What is the history of the Presidential Preference Primary in Kansas? 

In Kansas, it is a function of the state political parties to allocate delegates to presidential candidates at each party’s national convention to select each party’s presidential nominee. Such delegates are chosen via caucus or convention by the political parties. This year, the state legislature decided to resurrect the state-run presidential preference primary, which had only been used in Kansas in 1980 and 1992.


February 19, 2024 – Early Voting Starts (Clerk’s Office) **CORRECTION**: Early Voting will start on February 29th, 2024, NOT February 19th!!!

February 20th, 2024 – Last day to register to vote & to request an 

                                   advance voting mail ballot for the March 19th

                                         Presidential Preference Primary. Advance

                                         ballots transmitted by mail must be returned

                                         by the closing of polls on election day

March 18, 2024 – Early Voting ends at 12 p.m. (Clerk's Office)

March 19th, 2024 – Presidential Preference Primary Election

Rural Opportunity Zone

Phillips County has opted into the ROZ 2023 Program

The Kansas Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ) is a Kansas Department of Commerce program established in 2011. Through the ROZ Program, qualified individuals who move to a ROZ county are eligible to receive up to two financial incentives. One incentive is a waiver for an individual’s Kansas state income tax liability for up to five years (sunsets 2021), and the other incentive is student loan repayments up to $15,000 paid over 5 years. In the state of Kansas, there are 95 ROZ counties offering one or both of the financial incentives to new full-time residents of the area. Phillips County is the number 1 participating Kansas County in the ROZ Program, offering both financial incentive programs to local residents since 2012.

How is it funded?

The ROZ program is funded through a 50/50 match between the Kansas Department of Commerce and the participating ROZ County. Local funding for this opportunity in Phillips County has been made possible by a partnership between PCED, the Cole Charitable Foundation and the Morgan Charitable Foundation. With this partnership, Phillips County has been able to provide this valuable incentive program to recruit educated residents to live and work in our community. The generous support of this partnership allows Phillips County to continue to clear the wait-list of participants who qualified to take part in the program each year.

Who is eligible?

Student Loan Repayment Program

The ROZ Student Loan Repayment program is designed to help recruit college graduates back to the area; growing our workforce and developing our community. The Student Loan Repayment program provides financial assistance to help repay student loans to those students who left for an education and returned to Phillips County. Qualified participants can receive loan repayments up to $15,000 paid over 5 years.

To be eligible for Student Loan Repayments, individuals must:

  • Establish domicile* in a ROZ County after July 1, 2011 and on or after the date on which the County opts-in to the student loan program 

  • Hold an associate's, bachelor's or post-graduate degree prior to moving to the ROZ County

  • Have an outstanding student loan balance in applicant’s name

  • Ability to provide proof of: residency at current and previous addresses, transcript with degree date, and student loan balance with distribution dates

  • Have a Sponsor, Counties and Employers can sponsor applicants in this program. the Applicant must have a sponsor to receive funding

Applications for Student Loan Repayment are accepted from January 1st through September 30th.

Kansas Income Tax Waiver Program (sunsets 2023, updates will be posted)

The ROZ program also provides the Kansas Income Tax Waiver, which is an incentive to help recruit those who have left Kansas for five or more years to return to Phillips County. This incentive is a waiver for an individual’s Kansas state income tax liability for up to five years.

To be eligible for Kansas Income Tax Waivers, individuals must have:

  • Established domicile in a ROZ county on or after the date the county became part of the program (Please note that these dates vary by county.)

  • Lived outside Kansas for five or more years immediately prior to establishing domicile in a ROZ county

  • Earned less than $10,000 in Kansas Source Income in each of the five years immediately prior to establishing domicile in a ROZ county

  • To receive the income tax waiver you must file your state taxes on the Kansas Department of Revenue website

How do I find out more information or apply to participate?

For more information about the ROZ program: Visit Website
Or contact: Rachéll Rowand, ROZ Program Manager
                   Kansas Department of Commerce
                  (785) 296-3345 

Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund


The pandemic is creating a housing crisis, threatening Kansas homeowners’ ability to keep up with mortgage and utility payments. As of May 2021, this has led to 15,430 home loans delinquent, of which 70% of these loans were behind more than 90 days. As a result, thousands of homeowners are at risk of losing their homes and having their utilities shut off. Without aid, homeowners are left to struggle through the pandemic’s effects.

KHAF helps Kansas homeowners financially impacted by the pandemic to get current on their mortgages and avoid foreclosure. Funds will provide assistance with: 

  • Mortgages
  • Property taxes and charges
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Energy Costs


  1. Sign up for KHAF text alerts if you haven't already. We'll notify you when the program opens and will keep you posted on important updates. 
  2. Determine what kind of mortgage you have
  3. Contact your mortgage servicer for options that might be available to you
  4. For assistance with those options, contact a HUD Housing Counseling Agency. 
  5. Begin gathering application documentation in a digital format:
  • Most recent tax return or two most recent pay stubs
  • Valid photo identification
  • Current mortgage or property tax statement
  • Current utility statements


Additional Housing Resources

Not sure if you'll qualify for KHAF, or need other immediate housing assistance? Access this list for additional housing resources. 

General Information
Executive Director
Caleb Breon
Phone Numbers
(785) 543-5809
Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 205

8:00am - 5:00pm
coutrhouse image