Economic Development FAQ

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What is Economic Devlopment?

As a simple definition, economic development refers to any action taken that provides a positive impact on the economy of a community. This is achieved through an investment of both public and private resources in projects that will have a positive and lasting effect on the local tax base.

Why is PCED important to our county?

A healthy local economy starts with tax base growth; to increase and therefore share the costs associated with public services. PCED focuses on projects that support new and existing business, create jobs, develop and revitalize property and infrastructure, and provide an improved quality of life to our local residents.

What can PCED do for my business?

PCED provides the tools and resources necessary to support business start-up, expansion, and retention across the entire county. From business planning to succession planning and every phase in between, we have forged valuable connections with local, regional and state resource partners to ensure that there are no barriers to achieving your business goals.

Does PCED charge for their services?

No. As a county department, we are funded by a ½ cent local sales tax; we therefore offer all of our services to you at no cost.

How is PCED established?

The PCED staff is accountable to a five member board of directors; the members representing each one of the three county commissioner districts with two at large positions. The board of directors is appointed by and governed by the Phillips County Commissioners.

What is Phillips County E-Community?

Phillips County E-Community is a NetWork Kansas initiative that allows our county residents access to entrepreneurial support such as training & development programs and funding. All Phillips County E-Community activity is administered through the PCED office.

Where can I find out about any upcoming training opportunities?

Contact the PCED office, check our online calendar or follow PCED on social media.

What funding programs does PCED offer?

All business projects are unique and as such, require a different approach to raising necessary startup capital. PCED has access to a variety of funding programs to ensure that you received the best options for you and your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Does PCED only help businesses?

Of the many services that PCED provides, the majority are focused on supporting business startup, growth and development. However, we also have programs that support non-profits, professional development and revitalization projects. For a more information visit our Programs & Resources page.

How do I search for local job opportunities?

Up-to-date local job listings can be seen at “(link)”

How do I post a job listing?

Go to “(link)” to post an available job opportunity. Once approved, your job will be published on the site, but also advertised through other media such as our Facebook Jobs page.

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