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I need new employees. Where do I look? 

Job postings are available at no cost to local (Phillips County) employers on the County website. Jobs posted through this method will also be advertised via the Phillips County Jobs Facebook Page! Click on "Post a Job Opening" to get started!

**NEW** Be sure to also post your job listing on ConnectNWK!  Create your free account one time for complete access! Your listings will be available across the state of Kansas. Also be sure to categorize your listing as "Phillips County Incentive Program" to be eligible for Workforce Recruitment Incentive Funding! 

I would like to further my search. If you need employees with specific skills or you are looking to widen your search outside of the local community, KansasWORKS is a statewide organization that not only hosts a comprehensive database of jobs but also works with job seekers on attaining placement. If you are in need of multiple employees, KansasWORKS is also able to conduct on site hiring fairs through their state-of-the-art mobile workforce center. For more information, go to:  or call the local office (Hays) (785) 577-4610

Training & Development

My staff has specific training needs. PCED partners with multiple organizations to bring value-added training programs to the community. If there are specific programs that you would like to suggest or participate in, let us know and we will try to bring them to you. Previous training programs have included:

  • Quickbooks (beginner & intermediate)
  • Marketing 101
  • Grant Writing
  • Excel (beginner & intermediate)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Financials
  • Entrepreneurship - Startup and growth
  • Growing Rural Business (11 week business class)

Where can I find additional business training programs? 

Small Business Development Center

Management Development Center at FHSU

General Information
Executive Director
Caleb Breon
Phone Numbers
(785) 543-5809
Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 205

8:00am - 5:00pm
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