Rural Opportunity Zones

Financial Incentives for Relocation to Phillips County

Offered in conjunction with the Kansas Departments of Commerce and Revenue, the Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ) program provides financial incentives for individuals wishing to relocate to Phillips County.  

How does it work?

Student Loan Repayments of up to $3,000 per year for 5 years ($15,000 max)

To be eligible for Student Loan Repayments, individuals must:

  • Establish domicile in Phillips County after July 1, 2011 AND on or after the date on which the County opts-in to the student loan program
  • Hold an associate's, bachelor's or post-graduate degree prior to moving to Phillips County
  • Have an outstanding student loan balance in applicant’s name
  • Ability to provide proof of: residency at current and previous addresses, transcript with degree date, and student loan balance with distribution dates
  • Have a Sponsor. Phillips County participates with annual sponsorship available. Employers can also directly sponsor applicants in this program

Kansas state income tax waivers for up to five years (sunsets January 1, 2021) 

To be eligible for the ROZ Tax Credit, individuals must:

  • Have established domicile in Phillips County prior to January 1, 2021, and was domiciled outside Kansas for five or more years immediately prior to establishing their domicile in Phillips County;
  • Have had Kansas source income (as defined by K.S.A. 79-32,109(h)) of less than $10,000 in any one year for five or more years immediately prior to establishing their domicile in Phillips County; and
  • Have been domiciled in Phillips County during the entire taxable year for which such credit is claimed.

How do I find out more information or apply to participate?

For more information about the ROZ program: Visit Website 
Or contact: Rachéll Rowand, ROZ Program Manager
                   Kansas Department of Commerce
                  (785) 296-3345

General Information
Executive Director
Caleb Breon
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(785) 543-5809
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