SPARK Grant Funds for KS Businesses

The Kansas Department of Commerce has officially opened the application portal for the SPARK Task Force Grants using CARES ACT funding. The portal can be found at It is recommended business owners look through the entire application, including the drop-down boxes, so they have a complete understanding of what information is needed within the application. 

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED that a business owner fill out the application immediately and attempt to leave the information idle until it is time to submit. The browser page WILL NOT save your information. Applications WILL NOT be accepted for submission until Wednesday, August 19 at 12pm.

PCED continues to work with the Kansas Department of Commerce and their partners, and as always, PCED is here to assist businesses through this process. Again, if there are specific questions you need answered concerning your application, you can email the Kansas Department of Commerce and their staff at

Please keep checking our PCED Facebook page for updated information, as we continue to help you navigate during this short timeline.

For all information regarding the SPARK Grant Funds, visit:

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