History of Logan

History of Logan:

Logan was located in 1873 and named in honor of a distinguished Illinois senator, General John A. Logan. The town made little progress until 1878 when several enterprise men relocated to the area. The energy of the young men created rapid growth throughout the region and brought the community several new businesses. The town often boasted of the fuller stocks of the general store, the agriculture implementations that were being made, along with having a generous and intelligent class of community members. In 1880, following in the steps of Phillipsburg and Kirwin, Logan became a city.

Logan is located at the north bank of the Solomon River, at 39°39’44” N 99°34’16” W, seven miles from the south line of the county.

Population: 547 (2017)

Elevation: 1,975’

Coordinates: 39°39’44”N 99°34’16”W

General Information
Executive Director
Angie Wells
Administrative Assistant
Tami Sauer
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 100, P.O. Box 326

8:00am - 5:00pm
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