History of Kirwin

History of Kirwin: 

Built from the dreams of young men wanting to homestead, the once home to the roaming buffalo, rolling prairies, and colorful wildflowers, became home to many settlers. The town of Kirwin was born in 1870 when settlers C.A. Van Allen, Thomas Cox Sr., John Lindsey, and a few others that followed the river and found the location of the fertile river bottom fields and a vision for a community. 

For the first few months of settlement and building a thriving town, it was known as “Benton.”  In 1871 it was later renamed Kirwin in honor of Colonel Kirwin, a Government officer at Fort Kirwin that was located a mile and a half southwest of the city. Throughout the years, the businesses were booming, and at one time, there were seven hotels and eleven attorneys within the area. On November 3rd, over 1000 individuals were present at the train depot. As the striving community's needs grew, the town attracted more and more business. These individuals were a special breed. They brought their tools and set up shop. Some are our ancestors, while others moved about as trials entered their lives. 

Kirwin is located three miles from the east and seven miles from the south line of the county line at 39°40’19” N 99°7’19” W.

Population: 168 (2011)

Elevation: 1,699’

Coordinates: 39°40’19” N 99°7’19” W

General Information
Executive Director
Angie Wells
Administrative Assistant
Tami Sauer
Phone Numbers
Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 100, P.O. Box 326

8:00am - 5:00pm
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