History of Agra

History of Agra: 

First settled in 1888 and later incorporated as a town in 1904, Agra has initially been a train station on the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. At the time of platting the city, "Agra" was given its’ name by Mr. Lowe, the president of Rock Island Railroad. The name inspiration came from his daughter’s name, Agra. “Agra” is also the Latin word for “field.”

Agra is located near the center on the east line of the county, at 39°45’38” N 99°7’11” W. The town was home to many pioneer businessmen who became interested in the expansion of the city and helped materially to make it a livable place for all families to grow.

The people of Agra were always willing and ready to provide assistance to others and help prosper the wealth of the community. The individuals that inhabited the town were that of intelligent, sober, industrious, and religious people. 

Population: 252 (2017)

Elevation: 1,850’

Coordinates: 39°45’38” N 99°7’11” W

General Information
Executive Director
Angie Wells
Administrative Assistant
Tami Sauer
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Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 100, P.O. Box 326

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