Emergency Management

Phillips County Emergency Management provides emergency planning for the county.

This Includes: preparing, mitigating, and coordinating the responses and the recoveries to any type of disaster. 

Interactive Emergency Preparedness and Notification Solution: Enhancing Citizen and Government Communication when it matters most

Phillips County launched its emergency preparedness and mass notification services for citizens back in 2016, https://ks-phillipscounty.app.regroup.com/. The County partnered with Regroup to create this site. Regroup is an expert in helping local governments engage communities in emergency preparedness to provide them with official and direct mass communication in emergency situations.

The emergency communication tool and website allow Phillips County to communicate with citizens quickly and efficiently before, during, and after an emergency. Citizens receive a notification through the website, email, SMS, voice calls, and social media platforms. FEMA-sourced emergency preparedness content is easily accessible to citizens to keep your community informed in the event of an emergency. The alerts also include other weather advisories, voter information, and county office closings.

We encourage all citizens to visit our site https://ks-phillipscounty.app.regroup.com/ today and enter their contact information along with specific notification preferences or sign up by using the form located below. Be sure to select how you would prefer to receive your alerts and notifications. Please be sure to enter a valid address, so you are contacted when your area is being affected. Confirm your subscription immediately after, by checking your email. This email will prompt you to verify your account and create a password. In order to receive notifications, you must verify your account. In the event of an emergency, or other county alert this will allow the County to notify citizens of an event immediately.

What if I am already registered?

If you are already a member please login and update your contact information. Make sure you have your preferred groups selected for what types of notifications you would like to receive. The groups that we now have available are listed below. 

General Information
Emergency Management Coordinator
Deb Hays
Phone Numbers
Fax: 785-543-5724
Emergencies: Dial 911
205 F St.
Suite 110
Phillipsburg ,

8:00am - 5:00pm
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