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I purchased a new vehicle, what do I need to do?

 If purchased from a dealer, with a Kansas title; Bring title, paperwork from the dealer, if transferring a plate from traded in vehicle bring the registration from that plate, proof of insurance, and form of payment. If an out of state title, have vin inspection by Sheriff's office, ($20 fee). If purchased from an individual, bring title, if out of state title have vin inspection by Sheriff's office, bill of sale, proof of insurance, and form of payment.  

How old is a vehicle to be tagged an Antique?

Do I need to register or tag my boat?

Kansas does not title boats only trailers. See the County Clerk to register your boat. For the trailer: title and bill-of-sale; insurance on trailer or towing vehicle. 

When are property taxes due?

Real Estate and personal property taxes: 1st half or all is due by December 20th, 2nd half or all is due by May 10th.  Method of payment? Check, Cash, Credit Card (2.5% charge by the state), or Money Order. 

How to get a Veteran license plate?

Does the registered owner of a vehicle have to be there to renew a tag.

No signature is required to renew the registration on a tag, therefore as long as proof of insurance is provided, we will renew the tag without the owner being present.

How much is a disabled placard?

There is no charge.

I've lost my title. How do I obtain a duplicate/replacement title?

If there is a lien holder on the title, a duplicate title application cannot be accepted at the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office nor will the Division of Vehicles issue a duplicate title as long as the lien holder is indicated on the vehicle’s computer record. To determine if there is a lien holder listed on the vehicle record look at the latest registration receipt issued for the vehicle or trailer. If there is a lien holder listed, a lien release will be required before a duplicate title will be issued (it will be a reissued title to remove the lien holder from the computer record and the title).  If there is no lien holder for the vehicle, a duplicate title application can be completed at any county treasurer's motor vehicle office or by mail directly to the Titles and Registrations Bureau. You will need to complete the Application for Secured/Duplicate/Reissue Title, form TR-720B that includes the following information: vehicle year, make and identification number, owner's name(s) and the current odometer reading. Include appropriate title fee. The title fee in Kansas is $10. There is an additional $3 application fee for a repossession title.

What are the requirements of owning and operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in Kansas?

In Kansas, an ATV (defined in K.S.A 8-126(a)) must be titled as a nonhighway due to the ATV not being manufactured for street use. An ATV being sold or traded-in must be titled in the name of the person(s) selling the ATV. The buyer will have 60 days from date of purchase (date of title assignment) to apply for nonhighway title in his or her name. Any person who, on July 1, 1996, is the owner of an ATV does not have to obtain a nonhighway title until they are going to transfer ownership. It is unlawful for any person to operate an all-terrain vehicle: (1) On any interstate highway, federal highway or state highway; or (2) within the corporate limits of any city unless authorized by such city. Check with the city officials as to if your community has authorized the operation of ATV.

Can I get a refund on my tag after I’ve sold my vehicle?

Yes!  Bring in the license plate and the registration and we will write you a check in office. If it is a heavy or farm vehicle, we need the license plate and registration and the state will issue a check to you. Estimate property tax for newly purchased vehicle:    

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