04/27/2022 Wildland Fire Press Release

Phillips County Press Release


The Phillips County Fire Districts, Sheriff’s Department, and Emergency Management have been working in coordination with the Kansas Forest Service creating a plan for the response to a potential wildland fire that could require evacuation. We are working to be proactive so all residents can prepare for this scenario. In the upcoming days there are high wind warnings and very little rain forecasted. 

Below are some tips for preparations in case you are asked to evacuate:  

  • Have an emergency evacuation plan
  • Where are you going to go; if an evacuation order is given? 
  • Have an emergency go bag; medication, cash, identification, etc….
  • Prepare your home before leaving if time is allotted.
  1. Shut all windows and doors.
  2. Remove flammable window shades or curtains
  3. Shut off gas and turn off pilot lights.
  4. Shut off AC units.
  5. Leave your house lights on so firefighters can see your house under smokey conditions. 
  • Outside 
  1. Turn off propane tank.
  2. Move propane BBQ grills away from your residence.
  3. Leave your exterior lights on.
  4. Leave your emergency evacuation bag in your vehicle; make sure vehicle is full of fuel.
  5. Make sure you are aware of where the fire is at.
  6. Check on neighbors and see if they need assistance after you have made your preparations.
  • Farmsteads
  1. If tractor and disc are available have hooked up and ready to go.
  2. Move livestock to safety if time permitting.


Please sign up for Emergency Alerts from Phillips County so that you can be notified in the event of an emergency notification.  You may also sign up for automatic weather alerts in this system.  There is a sign-up button on the phillipscountyks.org website or you may use the following address to sign up.  https://ks-phillipscounty.app.regroup.com

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