December 27, 2021 COVID-19 Press Release




Contact: Pete Rogers – Phillips County Public Health Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                 December 27, 2021

12 New Positive Cases of Novel Coronavirus in Phillips County

Phillips County – The Phillips County Health Department has been notified of 22 new positive cases of the novel coronavirus in Phillips County since Tuesday of last week.   With the re-emergence of the virus and the emergence of the Delta variant in Phillips County, we encourage everyone to stay ever vigilant.  As a reminder, testing and vaccinations and booster shots are available to those wanting them. The overall numbers are updated to reflect my missing last weeks update.  Please understand that the active numbers may not coincide with the number of new positive cases each week as we have no control of when they are reported to us.   In other words, individuals might be cleared in the time we are notified to putting out a report.

5 in the 20s

2 in the 30s

3 in the 40s

2 in the 50s


Community and overall:

Active 4

Probable 41, 41 of these have resolved

Resolved 970

Deaths 22

Totaling 996 positive cases since March 2020


Phillips County residents can stay informed by visiting: or


Pete Rogers

Phillips County Health Officer

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