November 08, 2021 COVID-19 Press Release




Contact: Pete Rogers – Phillips County Public Health Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                 November 08, 2021

16 New Positive Cases of Novel Coronavirus in Phillips County

Phillips County – The Phillips County Health Department has been notified of 16 new positive cases of the novel coronavirus in Phillips County since Tuesday of last week.   With the re-emergence of the virus and the emergence of the Delta variant in Phillips County, we encourage everyone to stay ever vigilant.  As a reminder, testing and vaccinations and booster shots are available to those wanting them.

1 in the 20s

2 in the 30s

3 in the 50s

4 in the 60s

1 in the 70s

2 in the 80s

3 in the 90s


Community and overall:

Active 18

Probable 38, 38 of these have resolved

Resolved 833

Deaths 22

Totaling 873 positive cases since March 2020


Phillips County residents can stay informed by visiting: or


For general information, you may contact the EOC at 785-540-4262.


Pete Rogers

Phillips County Health Officer

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