July 21, 2021 COVID-19 Press Release


Contact: Pete Rogers – Phillips County Public Health Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                July 21, 2021

1 New Positive Case of Novel Coronavirus in Phillips County

Phillips County – The Phillips County Health Department was notified on July 21, 2021 of 1 new

positive case of the novel coronavirus in Phillips County. The sample will be sent in to the KDHE lab for

variant testing. The results will be released upon receipt. The results from the variant testing on last

week’s samples have indicated positive for the Delta variant. We will follow up with more information

tomorrow about what this means to our community. With the re-emergence of the virus and the

emergence of the Delta variant in Phillips County, we encourage everyone to stay ever vigilant. As a

reminder, testing and vaccinations remain available to those wanting either.

1 male in his 40s

Community and overall:

Active 5

Probable 32, 32 of these have resolved

Resolved 653

Deaths 19

Totaling 677 positive cases since March 2020

Phillips County residents can stay informed by visiting:

www.phillipscountyks.org , www.kdheks.gov/coronavirus or http://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus

For general information, you may contact the EOC at 785-540-4262.

Pete Rogers

Phillips County Health Officer

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