Locomotive Electrician - KYLE Railroad Co.

Job Title: Locomotive Electrician - KYLE Railroad Co.

Salary range: $50,000 - $60,000

Location: Phillipsburg, KS

Hours: Full-Time

Job Description:

The person in this position performs basic troubleshooting and electrical repairs on all diesel-electric locomotive equipment.  Hours: 0600 - 1430 Monday-Friday.  Can be called out after hours and on weekends if needed for servicing locomotive power, fueling, or locomotive failures out on the rail between Salina, Kansas and Limon, Colorado.

Must apply online at www.gwrr.com see link below. https://recruiting.ultipro.com/GEN1025/JobBoard/37481dc2-ddb2-1941-a0f9-befbbf45ab11/?q=&o=distance&w=Phillipsburg%2C+Kansas%2C+USA&wc=-99.32600950007145%2C39.75645251603906&we=-99.42601100000002%2C39.856452999999995%7C-99.226011%2C39.656453000000006&wpst=2

Contact:  Mike Runnion (785) 543-7642

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