Service Technician - Matteson Motors, Inc.

Job Title: Service Technician - Matteson Motors, Inc.

Location: Phillipsburg, KS

Hours: Full-Time

Job Description:

Assess vehicles to accurately diagnose and repair issues - Explaining mechanical problems and possible solutions to clients - Provide routine inspections of vehicles and inform clients of any issues - Prepare quotes and work estimates as requested - Preparing service tickets and invoices - Repairing or replacing parts on vehicles - Repairing or modifying a car to a client’s specifications - Perform basic automotive care as needed; including changing oil and rotating tires - Maintain and clean garage equipment and tools - Answer service calls and schedule appointments as needed - Assist in the parts department as needed - Take classes and training as required by Stellantis - Perform warranty and recall work

Pick up an application at: o Matteson Motors 276 W State St Phillipsburg, KS 67661 - Call us at 785-543-2423 - Email resume to

Doug Kaup, 785-543-2423

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